Who are PLouise Cosmetics? 
PLouise Cosmetics is home to some of the UK’s leading makeup artists and is the product of years of passion, dedication and hard work! Our CEO Paige has worked relentlessly over the last 8 years to make PLouise Cosmetics into what it is today, always pushing the boundaries to bring the best products to you babe! 

Things fully took off following the release of the world famous PLouise base, which filled a huge gap in the market with its revolutionary formula that prevents creasing. From then on, the PLouise cosmetics collections have continued to change the makeup game, with professional makeup artists and everyday makeup lovers alike seeing our products as their must haves.  

With everything from bases to brushes and skincare to brows, PLouise cosmetics will soon become your go-to! 

What are Cosmetics? 
Cosmetics are any products that people use in order to enhance or care for any part of the face or body! Our focus at PLouise is on makeup and skincare cosmetics collections, including stunning palettes, multi-use bases and lashes that will give anyone serious envy! 

The beauty of our cosmetics collections is that they can be used in so many different ways to help you achieve your dream makeup look. Whether you’re going for a natural look or full glam, our products can be built up or toned down to leave you looking flawless every time babe.

What Do You Need For a Full Face of Makeup? 
Everyone’s style when it comes to a full face of makeup will be different, but there are a few cosmetics staples that you should have in your kit! 

The key when it comes to your cosmetics collection is to start with a good base! After washing your face, apply a dewy moisturiser to give you a youthful glow and refreshed base ready for your glam! Next, go in with your eyeshadow base and pat with your brush to make sure you have a crease free finish when applying your eyeshadow! Finish your eyes with the eyeliner of your choice and fluffy pair of lashes, as we all know they’re an essential! 

For the face cosmetics, go in with a foundation, then concealer and cream contour if you’re using it! Set with a face powder and remember to keep it light if you want a super dewy look. Finally, finish the look with a powder bronzer, a creamy pink coloured base blush and make that highlighter pop! 

What Makeup Should a Beginner Buy? 
Let’s keep it simple with five main cosmetics products a makeup beginner should buy for their collection, starting with your brows. If you want to define your brows, go for an eyebrow pencil and use gentle strokes for a natural look. For an effortlessly natural look, choose a brow gel. For a combination of the two, our Oh So Browtiful sets are perfect! 

When it comes to cosmetics for the eyes, the best way to start as a beginner is with a nude eyeshadow palette. You can experiment with soft and beautiful shades that are easy to blend to find your own unique style. To take your eye makeup game to a new level, make sure you apply a layer of our eyeshadow base for a dreamy finish. This can also be used to brighten up under the eye after applying foundation! You can also use these shades for your blush and highlighter, so an eyeshadow palette is one of the best all in one cosmetics for a beginner. That’s three cosmetics products down, two to go! 

For the skin, when you are starting out, it’s best to go for a lightweight foundation that allows you to gradually build up your coverage. Find your perfect foundation match and it’ll never let you down! 

Finally, having a full brush set is a necessity for your cosmetics collection. Good quality brushes make such a big difference when it comes to the end product, so prepare to brush away the haters and look flawless. A makeup artist is nothing without their tools!